5 Teeth-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas for the Little Ones

easter basketsKids love the Easter bunny just as much as they love Santa. Celebrate the former’s arrival by preparing a teeth-friendly Easter basket for your children. Our family dentists recommend a basket filled with something other than candy and other sugar-laden treats.

Teeth-Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

1. Skip the Jelly Beans

Baskets often include those plastic eggshell cases filled with jelly beans. Jelly beans are made of sugar. And, all those color varieties are due to the liberal use of food dye. Our cosmetic dentists frown on food dye because they stain the teeth.

Instead, fill those eggs with an alternative, such as nuts, stickers, bouncy balls, or rub-on tattoos.

2. Skip the Marshmallow Peeps

Like jelly beans, Marshmallow Peeps are sticky and full of sugar. Consider other types of foods, such as cheese wedges, sugar-free gum, and 100% apple sauce pouches.

3. Limit the Chocolate

We recommend limiting the sweets to a single giant chocolate bunny. Choose one that is solid chocolate, because these don’t contain sticky nougat fillings. We also recommend dark chocolate over milk chocolate; the former has a richer concentration of antioxidants.

4. Use Homemade Coupons

Here is a creative idea: make your own coupons and place them in a plastic eggshell. The coupons can be redeemed for:

  • Getting out of a chore
  • An extra hour on the Xbox
  • A trip to their favorite restaurant or toy store

5. Add a Theme

It’s easier to limit the treats when the basket has a specific theme. Have you considered, for example, a Lego-themed Easter basket? It’s obvious what you can include in that instance.

Make an Appointment this Easter

Make an appointment with Kenmore Dental as part of a springtime resolution. Our past patient reviews are a testament to why we are trusted as a year-round dental provider. This Easter, hand out teeth-friendly Easter baskets that children will relish.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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