4 Dental Resolutions for 2017

2017 Dental ResolutionsTaking better care of your health is a common New Year’s resolution. This should also take into account your dental health. 2017 dental resolutions are a good idea if you have been rushing through your nightly dental hygiene, or holding off your appointments with your family dentists.

1. Cut Back on Sugary Treats

Reducing sugar will benefit you in two ways. It will improve your overall health by reducing hypertension. It will also improve dental health by reducing cavities. We don’t recommend quitting cold turkey, since the cravings are often too strong. Just cut it out gradually. Perhaps you can limit the sugar to one chocolate chip cookie after lunch, or allot a weekly cheat day.

2. Floss Daily

The keyword here is “daily.” We understand that flossing seems like a hassle, but it’s only an extra two minutes out of your day. That two-minute commitment can prevent tooth decay or root canal problems that make a costly operation necessary.

3. Commit to Your Appointments

Many clients call to cancel an appointment and never reschedule. Many clients also only come in for two routine cleanings a year, but we recommend four. In 2017, commit to all the appointments you arrange with your dentists. If you currently don’t see a dentist at all, then make a resolution to meet our dentists.

4. Cut Back on the Cancer Sticks

Quitting smoking is yet another common resolution that also has a two-fold benefit. Kicking the habit not only reduces your odds of a premature death from lung cancer, but it also slashes your chances of developing gum disease.

Make Kenmore Dental a Part of Your Dental Resolutions

Start 2017 on a bright note with a visit to Kenmore Dental. Read our reviews to see why we are a trusted Kenmore clinic. Good 2017 dental resolutions will ensure a healthy and happy smile.

Dental Exams and Checkups for 2017 and Beyond

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