Metal Brace Ligature Colors: Get Your Child Excited About Braces

Metal Brace Ligature ColorYour child will likely protest vehemently when told she needs braces. This is to be expected; at a young age, physical appearance is everything. Our orthodontists, however, know of several ways to persuade your child to accept braces. One method is through the use of colored metal brace ligatures.

Metal Brace Ligature Color Selection


Ligatures are elastic bands that go over the brackets that secure the archwire in place. The ligatures typically come in several colors. They also need to be replaced about once a month. This means an opportunity to swap out a different color during each dental visit.

The option to choose their own color may not exactly get your children hopping with joy over metal braces. Hopefully, though, it will help them to accept it, even if a bit hesitantly in the beginning.

To involve your children more, we recommend that they choose colors in accordance with upcoming occasions. This may include:

  • School colors for an upcoming varsity game
  • Holiday themes
  • Patriotic colors
  • Sports team colors

Colors may also be selected as a fashion statement. Perhaps your child has a favorite scarf, blouse, or handbag. She can select the ligature color to match the color of a specific attire or accessory. In addition, she can choose colors for their metaphorical connotations. Green, for example, represents growth and balance, while purple represents fun and creative thinking. Is there a Sadie Hawkins dance approaching? Then how about a red or pink elastic band to symbolize young romance?

Yes, Braces Can Be Cool


If your child needs braces, then contact Kenmore Dental. Our family dentists work with children all the time. We realize that kids may not be head over heels over the idea of braces. The different metal brace ligature colors, however, provide some level of cosmetic appeal.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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