Should You Pull Out Your Child’s Loose Tooth?

Child's Loose ToothYour child may complain to you about a wiggling tooth. Should you pull out your child’s loose tooth or let it come out naturally? Our family dentists generally recommend the natural route, though it’s acceptable to intervene under certain circumstances.

Pulling Out Your Child’s Tooth May Do More Harm Than Good

By pulling a loose tooth, you risk damaging sensitive tissue. This also increases risk of infection. If it’s a front tooth, it’s even more important to leave the tooth alone. When an anterior tooth is removed prematurely, some of the posterior teeth may shift forward. This can cause crowding when the permanent teeth grow in, leading to a condition known as malocclusion. Treatment for malocclusion often requires an exam from an orthodontist, who may prescribe braces.

Let Your Child Remove the Tooth

Children are naturally curious when a tooth comes loose. Surely, you experienced this yourself and remember how it was. Didn’t you constantly “play” with it using your tongue? Let your child freely experiment with their own loose tooth in the same way until it comes out. This method allows the tooth to fall out naturally even if there was a little nudging from the tongue.

When It’s Okay to Pull

If, however, your child is experiencing pain and is even afraid to brush because of the ache, then it’s okay to intervene a little. The best advice is some over-the-counter anesthetic gel to numb the area, a tissue to grip the tooth and a little fib or ploy to distract the child. On the count of three, instruct your child to pretend to sneeze, complete with the forward head motion that goes with it. As he does so, that’s when you gently pull it out. The tooth should come out with your pull. If not, then repeat the process.

Let Us Examine Your Child’s Loose Tooth

To err on the side of caution, take your child to Kenmore Dental to meet our dentists for a checkup. If we deem it necessary, we will pull out your child’s loose tooth in a safe and painless manner.
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