Wear a Sports Guard: Protect Your Teeth and Smile

kenmore-dentalIt’s summertime! For your kids, that means more time for recreational sporting activities. The increased physical activity is definitely good for their health. Of course, it also means risk of injury, including injury to the mouth. By wearing a mouth guard for sports, which our family dentists recommend, you can minimize some the damage should an impact occur.

Why a Mouth Guard for Sports?

Some people are under the impression that a mouth guard is only necessary for high-contact activities like boxing or football. However, dental injuries can happen in just about every sport. Taking an elbow or palm to the lower face is not uncommon in basketball, soccer, street hockey, and many other sports.

A mouth guard protects the upper teeth, gums, and cheek lining. The upper jaw is more prone to injury because they stick out more, whereas the lower teeth are further back.

Wear braces? Then our orthodontists highly recommend a mouthpiece. Damaged metal braces can cut into and lacerate the gums. Our cosmetic dentists recommend them as well. An aesthetic smile, after all, is not possible when your teeth are visibly cracked or chipped.

Naturally, you or your kids may be hesitant to wear a mouthpiece. It does, after all, feel bulky and disrupts your breathing. There is an upside to mouth guards, though, besides protecting your molars. For one thing, they require you to keep your mouth closed. This is beneficial because injuries tend to be more pronounced when impact occurs while the mouth is open. Secondly, having to keep your mouth closed also means breathing more through your nose or through a tiny slit in your mouth. Breathing through your nostrils allows you to take in more oxygen.

Sustained a Sport-Related Dental Injury?


We get increased visits during the summer. Many of these are emergency cases sustained while playing a sport. Often, the patient was not wearing a mouth guard. Should this happen to you, even if you were wearing a mouth guard for sports, then immediately visit Kenmore Dental for emergency treatment.

Prompt Dental Treatment for Sustained Mouth Injuries

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