Does Cell Phone Use Affect Your Dental Health?

kenmore-dental-3-2016Most people are familiar of the risk of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure from cell phone use. What few people know, though, is the correlation between cell phone use and dental health. Recent research suggests there may be a dental health risk. Many family dentists are advising their patients to monitor their mobile phone use.

Why Mobile Phone Use May Be Harmful

For those with amalgam dental fillings, EMF exposure may cause the filling to leach mercury. It’s believed that EMF exposure causes the fillings to produce electrical currents that stimulate the release of mercury vapor. Mercury is highly toxic and has been linked to Alzheimer’s. Mild exposure has also been linked to nervousness, mood swings, headaches, and muscle atrophy.

Orthodontists also recommend limiting cell phone use if you wear metal braces. A study found that adults with dental braces that spend a significant amount of time on their phones had increased concentrations of nickel in their saliva.

What’s more, EMF may also influence the behavior of Dentinal Fluid Transport (DFT) in your mouth. DFT is produced around the upper jaw line and helps wash out cavity-causing bacteria. Since it’s produced so close to your ear, this area is prone to EMF exposure. If DFT production is affected, this could leave you prone to cavities and dental caries.

The Solution

Our dentists recommend using a speakerphone whenever possible. This keeps the phone several inches from your head. Alternatively, you can consider using a headset. Finally, also consider a magnetic frequency redirector.

Cell phone use is integrated into our daily lives. By no means are we suggesting you stay away from your smartphones. However, Kenmore Dental suggests the aforementioned tools for keeping exposure to a minimum. The studies regarding cell phone use and dental health are quite telling; definitely be mindful the next time you converse on your mobile.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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