The Effects of Binge Drinking on Dental Health

kenmore-dental-3Getting pinched for not wearing green is the least of your concerns this St. Patrick’s Day. If you plan to spend the holiday by drinking a pitcher or two, then there are far more pressing health issues. This includes the effects of binge drinking on your oral health. More dentists are treating gum disease and cavities at least partially caused by alcoholic consumption.

How Drinking Alcohol Affects Oral Health

Some alcoholic beverages, particularly cocktail mixes, contain sugar. Sugar breaks down and converts into food for the bad bacteria in your mouth. According to the American Cancer Society, excessive drinking drastically increases your risk of developing oral cancer. Studies also show that 70% of oral cancer patients reported being frequent drinkers.

Binge Drinking Negatively Affects Your Gums

Furthermore, other studies reveal that frequent drinkers also had a greater periodontal pocket depth. This occurs when the gums pull away from the teeth. It’s also a symptom of moderate to severe gums disease.

Drinking may Stain Your Teeth, Too

If the health implications don’t scare you, then keep in mind that beer is just as notorious as coffee for staining your teeth. This is especially the case for darker alcoholic drinks, such as those made from roasted barley or dark patent malt. Stained teeth can be addressed by a cosmetic dentist. However, it can also be avoided by limiting your drinks to one or two glasses per sitting.

Keep It in Moderation

By all means, celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day with a toast. Just be responsible and try not to drink yourself into a stupor. In any case, drinker or not, be sure to visit Kenmore Dental. Our dentists and orthodontists will be sure to wear green this coming holiday, so make an appointment today. We promise we won’t pinch you if you don’t wear green, but we may poke and prod around your teeth. The effects of binge drinking on dental health is very real, so let us offset the potential health implications with exceptional dental care in Kenmore.
Edited by Justin Vorhees

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