Back to School Dental Tips for Parents

Kenmore DentalIt’s the time of year your children dreads. While September is the month for stocking up on pencils, notebooks and binders, it’s also more important than ever to maintain appointments with your family dentist. Many parents neglect routine checkups for their kids during the school year, due to the little ones being less available. However, missed checkups can lead to periodontal disease and emergency dental visits that lead to missed school days. These back-to-school dental tips will ensure your children maintain a healthy smile as they return to the classroom.

Dental Care Tips When School Is in Session

Make Sure Your Children Continue to Brush – Your kids may use homework as an excuse for skipping out on their brushing, or may be more tempted to rush through it. Continue to monitor their oral hygiene to ensure they go through the correct motions with respects to brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

Pack a Healthy Lunch – If you prepare your kid’s school lunch, be sure to include a healthy meal. A healthy lunch may include a sandwich with whole wheat bread, fruit or vegetables, a juice box and a small treat like an Oreo cookie or a bite-sized candy bar. Remind your child to rinse after eating.

Use a Mouth Guard for Sports and Sleeping– If your children partake in a school sport, be sure they wear a properly fitted mouth guard during PE or even when just playing in the playground during recess. Also, if your kid grinds her teeth at night, consider using a night guard.

Don’t Neglect Checkups

Tooth decay affects one out of five US children, so routine exams are more important than ever. Aside from general dentistry, we also provide orthodontics if your child needs braces. Bring them in to meet our dentists at Kenmore Dental if you don’t already have an established clinic that you visit.

These back-to-school dental tips will ensure that your children maintain healthy oral habits as they return for another year of academic studies.
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