4 Tooth Fairy Traditions from Around the World

tooth fairy legendsIt’s vital that parents take their children to a pediatric dentistry clinic to promote healthy teeth and gums from an early age. It’s also during this young stage of life that your children will begin to lose their deciduous teeth, which will be replaced by more permanent pearly whites. In order to alleviate any fears or uneasiness about their teeth falling out, it helps to teach your children about the Tooth Fairy. This helps to fill their impressionable minds with a pleasant story that will promote a positive outlook of tooth loss as a natural process.

The Tooth Fairy tradition has different origins around the world. Share with your children the version you feel is the most pleasant and will ignite their imagination.

United States

In the western version of the tooth fairy, simply compensate your child for each tooth that comes out. Have your kid put the tooth under a pillow before going to bed. While he sleeps, remove the tooth and replace it with a quarter. This is enough “proof” for your child that the tooth fairy is real. Kenmore pediatric dentistry clinics recommend this simple method for parents whose children express worry when they lose their first tooth.

Spain, Mexico, and Peru

In Spanish traditions, the tooth fairy takes the form of a mouse by the name of Ratocinto Perez. When a child loses a tooth, the tooth is placed in a glass of water over night. When Perez comes to collect it, he’ll drink the water and leave a small gift in its place, which can be in the form of money, a toy, or a trinket.

China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam

In some East Asian countries, children make a wish before throwing a fallen tooth over a roof or placing it under the home. Ask your child to make a small and simple wish, such as for a small toy, which you can then fulfill by buying that item and having it “magically” appear in your child’s bedroom.

South Africa

The tradition in South Africa is nearly the same as it is in the U.S, except that the tooth is placed in a slipper or shoe as opposed to under a pillow. Tell your child that a surprise will await them and will be in the shoe where the tooth was left.

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